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For the past 14 years Kennari Consulting has been able to help organizations with campaign development, annual giving, major gift development, grant writing, events and more. They have learned by partnering with organizations, but they knew that there were a lot of organizations across the country that cannot access consulting services – whether those are small non-profits who are looking to grow or large organizations who need to get their committee members up to speed. So, they developed a new business focused on serving everyone, and that is Fundkit, powered by Kennari Consulting.

Guided Courses

Fundkit is a learning platform designed specifically for fundraisers in any size organization looking to improve their fundraising outcomes! This new platform includes video courses with homework, templates and downloadable tools that allow you to watch the videos and instantly begin implementation at your organization.

These courses are great for fundraising professionals, but the courses are designed to be able to use with your whole team. We envision these courses being used not only by staff, but also by interns, committees and board members! The homework and templates offer an easy starting point for real-life implementation.

Great for Teams

Hone Your Skills

Learn from the Kennari team about how to improve your outcomes through exclusive training materials. While these videos do get into the nitty gritty on issues like pricing an event or developing a donor cultivation worksheet, the courses are also simple enough for anyone to stay engaged.

Find a Fundkit Course!

Alright, now you know about how Fundkit works, try it for yourself! Find a course that fits your needs or the needs of your organization!